Brexit and Star Trek – both the final frontier!  How many versions of these have we had?  Just like the Star Trek time line, as soon as I write this, it will be out of date! And just like Brexit, we are now going boldly where no “politician” has gone before.  By the time you read this, the political universe will have probably shifted again as today we face more votes on alternative Brexit proposals, known as the indicative votes!

I’m not going to give a political commentary on Brexit.  This is being very well done by the News Channels.  BBC is my preferred option: Laura Kuenssberg and Kayta Alder make a great Kirk and Picard! 

My star log is what this means to small business – we are like the little shuttles that move between the starships but without us nothing would happen.  Small business is the backbone of the UK economy.  And it is suffering!  Although many see these political wranglings as remote, like a far off galaxy, they affect every business in the UK.  Uncertainty is the worst environment that any business can face.  Order books are on hold and customers are cautious.  What do we do in this universe?

One: There are always winners in uncertainty, be bold!  If you believe in your product or service then open the communicator and broadcast. 

Two: Businesses built on sound structures will succeed.  Get your processes and procedures in place so that you provide a solid service from first contact to final landing.

Three: Keep going and don’t believe the spoilers!  The Brexit landscape is changing so quickly, both here and in Europe; pundits give their views on what is going to happen but often get it wrong. There are many plot twists ahead, just like a good Star Trek film.

So in the words of Spock – live long, prosper and engage with Brexit!

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