What gifts can your business give?

Business Gifts UKThe Christmas period is now fully upon us, a time of goodwill, peace… and gifts!!!

So, as a business owner, what gifts can you give without upsetting the Christmas Taxman Grinch? Well, there are a few simple rules to follow:

  • The gift itself must not be food, drink, tobacco or a token/voucher exchangeable for goods.
  • The gift must carry your logo as an advertisement for your business, and that logo can’t just be on the packaging!
  • Finally, and the most important, the gift cannot exceed £50.

Well, that’s just about put Christmas in a box! So, what can we do to make our clients feel special?

I like to spend time with my clients, which is the one thing that is very much appreciated. If we buy our own meal we can both put this expense down to subsistence, so it can be claimed in the company books. But more than that, more than tax, working together closely with clients is important to me. By building a good relationship we can work together to ensure continued success.

So, a very Merry Christmas to you all – and here’s to a prosperous New Year.