Latest news – behind the scenes

So this week I thought I’d bring you up to date with M:Power news. Keeping up to date on tax law and accounting principles, finding new software and applications that will assist our clients and continuing to build our network are all examples of the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that you get the best service possible.

Firstly, the migration to our own dedicated server is now complete. This not only means that all your personal data is safely secured but also all members of the team can access our systems where ever they are working. No files are held on a laptop and everything is centrally run. Let’s put this in simple words – when I drop my laptop (not unheard of!) I can just get another one out of the box, do a few updates, and hey presto, I’m up and running again. And that’s the same for all of the M:Power team.

The move to a dedicated server was partly driven by the oncoming onslaught of GDPR. We now have our policy in place, which will be uploaded to our website shortly. The momentum for GDPR compliance is building as the 25th May is now less than a month away. You all will have probably noticed an increase in the amount of emails starting something like, “We don’t want to lose touch with you . . . “. If you do have any concerns about how GDPR is going to affect your business please do contact us. I have also published some articles on this subject which you can find on our website blogs:

Keeping on an IT theme, many of you use Xero and I would like to look at a blog I published in November introducing the Backup My Books. I believe that this is an option that you should consider to ensure that your financial data is completely secure. Again, please contact us if you would like to put this in place.

The final piece of news is that we are pleased to announce that M:Power Accounting has been awarded Silver Partner status with Xero. Both Claudia and I have passed the Xero accreditation which means that we can support your accounting records to Xero’s sliver standard. I have always had a vision to provide a bookkeeping and accounting service which is not dependent on one individual; this step with our silver accreditation is just one that has been taken to ensure that this is possible.

I hope you find our latest news interesting as I think it is important for our clients to know what is going on behind the scenes. Business never stays still . . . . and neither does M:Power Accounting.